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Welcome to the jExporter Web Site


jExporter is JAMPRO’s Internet based Exporter Registration System.


The system allows:  


§         New and Annual Registration

§         Consignee and product registration

§         Authorization letter requests

§         Business information updates

§         Payment of Registration/Re-registration fees


  This efficient easy-to-use application is conveniently available 24/7/365


New and Annual Registration

For new registrations, the applicant can register either their business or as an individual.


§         Select Exporters/Business (Business Entity) applicant type

§         Select Default Location

§         Enter TRN

§         Enter Business Name

§         Enter Email Address (optional)

§         Enter Applicant’s First Name and Last Name

§         Enter E-SIGN



Click Continue to see the actual Exporter registration form 

If the information passes all validation checks the Exporter Registration Form will be displayed.



Exporter Registration Form (JN1)

Complete the form by entering all details as specified.

§         Enter Mailing Address

§         Enter Telephone Number(s)

§         Enter Contact Person Name

§         Enter Operational Facilities & Storage address

§         Enter Name of Managing Director and Exporting Manager


Information required is specific to the Application Type (Business or Individual) you select.

§         Enter Product Code and Description



Click Submit. Once the registrant information has been submitted successfully (that is, it had passed electronic validation) a welcome message will be displayed prompting you to enter your Account Details


Application Type

The options presented for the Exporter Registration Form will depend on the type of application type selected.

If Business is selected you will be required to:

o        Enter Number of Employees

o        Enter Board of names of Directors and Signatories


For Individuals registering

Enter Identification type and number. Only

§         Passports

§         Drivers Licenses

§         National Identifications

are acceptable


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Default Location

o        This should be the preferred location for submitting your documents and performing other activities including office visits.

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o        The Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN) will replace the current Trade Number (issued by the Trade Board Ltd.)

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Email Address

o        We understand that not everyone has an email. But as in any web application, an Email makes communication cheaper and faster in determining the status of registration and for future transactions with us. We recommend that you sign up for an e-mail account with any of the free e-mail sites (for example, yahoo, hotmail etc).

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E-SIGN (Adopting An Electronic Text Sign)

o        Choose any combination of alpha / numeric characters, preceded and followed by the forward slash (/) symbol

o        Remember this E-SIGN and keep it secure & confidential for all future activity

o        An E-SIGN typically looks like: /john doe/; /john#123/; /jd/; or /123-4567/.




E-SIGN does not serve the purpose of an E-Signature or digital signature. This electronic text sign will not replace the traditional paper document signature. It only adds an extra level of security and trust on the origin of communication, which in turn is dependent on the safekeeping of the E-SIGN.

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Product Code and Description

Enter the product description and codes for the products to be exported.


The Tariff Lookup may be used to search the entire Tariff (HS) table to identify the most suitable Tariff (HS) code associated with the product being registered.


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Tariff Lookup

The Tariff Code's starting numbers and/or the words in the Tariff Description may be used to search.


Choose a username and password that you will remember.


This username and password will allow you to access the online JAMPRO Registration Service at any time by logging in using the username and password.

Account Details


Please remember to note down the chosen username and password and keep it safe. Completing this stage will result in an official Welcome to the jExporter web site.


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You are encouraged to:

§     Print this Welcome page

§     Cut out the section with your account information

§     Keep this card in a safe place for reference


Click Continue to proceed to see a summary of your registration activities to this point and what is outstanding





The summary page gives an update in real time of the latest status on the document you submitted.


The Task List provided will guide you on the steps necessary for successfully completing your request for Registration.


From the Task List the next activity is to Attach a Photograph


Attaching a photograph is optional. You may proceed to submit your document for examination



Attach a Photograph

§         You must have a saved scanned passport photograph, face forward, 150 x 150 pixels, .JPG / .JPEG format.

§         Click Browse to peruse the files and folders on your computer.

§         Select the path to the passport size photograph you wish to attach to you document

§         Click Attach Photograph




The submit for examination option allows us to view the document for examination

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Examination will not be done until you pay the Examination Fee

If your document is submitted successfully the document:

§         status will change to Lodged

§         will be assigned a document locator number

Make Payment




Enter Receipt Number and Payment Date if you had made a Pre-Payment


Or make an E-Payment

Make Payment

[Back to Examination]

Payment Details

o        The Pre-Payment option is available to you if decide to make payment prior to submitting your documents for examination at JAMPRO

o        Payment may be made at JTI Office, any Bank of Nova Scotia Branch Island wide or at any Pay Master branch.

o        Enter payment details (receipt number and payment date) if you have already paid the registration fee. (Currently J$1,000.00)


Make an E-Payment

This option is available if you decide to utilize our online facilities for making payment


Fill out and submit payment information for

§         Credit Card

o       Card Type

o       Card Holder’s Name

o       Card Number

o       Expiry Date

§         Bank Account Transfer

o       Account Holder’s Name

o       Account Number

o       Write down your "Payment Confirmation Number"



We will contact you for scheduling a date for conducting our verification site visit. You will be informed that you are registered.



The period for registration will be displayed once the application has been approved


Once the Exporter Registration form has been submitted for Examination, you may proceed to manage your Consignees


Click Manage Consignees

You are now registered. Proceed to register your consignees.


Manage Consignee

In anticipation of the large number of consignees that you are seeking to register, we have provided a Consignee List search facility will be presented for you to manage your consignees.



To register a new consignee click Register New Consignee



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Register New Consignee


§     Enter Consignee Name

§     Enter Consignee Address

§     Enter Contact Person’s Name

§     Enter Contact Person’s Telephone Number

§     Enter Contact Person’s Email Address

§     Enter Purchaser Details (where Consignee is a Banker/Broker)

§     Name Enter Purchaser Address

§     Enter Product to be exported to your Consignee



Other information required for completing the Consignee Registration form include:

§         A selection Business Activity for the Consignee

§         Entering you E-SIGN


Once you have finished completing the form, clicking the submit button will allow the system to perform automatic checking. Submit the validated form for approval.


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Consignee Products

The product(s) displayed are limited to the actual products submitted for Exporter registration


[Return to Register New Consignees]

Consignee Approval

You will be allowed to ship your products once the Consignee is registered.

Provisional Exporters are required to request a Shipment Authorization Letter for Exporting to the Consignee.



Once the Consignee Registration form has been submitted for Approval, you may submit a request for Shipment Authorization Letter.


Authorization letter requests